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What is birth photography?

Birth photography, like it sounds, involves having a photographer present during labor and delivery to capture in a tasteful photojournalistic style the story of your new baby coming into the world.

But wait… that sounds weird, why would I want a photographer in there with me during those incredibly private moments?  

Well, first of all birth photography isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! I have a variety of packages that include everything from full birth coverage to simply showing up to capture meeting new siblings and those first cuddly quiet moments in the hospital.

Why birth photography?

I love to tell a story with my photography, and the moment when a new life enters the world is one of the most beautiful. I believe we should share capture and be so proud of the power, strength, and love of those moments. My goal is to give you a collection of beautiful images that tell you and your child’s story.

How much do you actually capture?

This is all totally dependent on what you want. I will capture as much or as little depending on what you are comfortable with. For a full birth coverage I will typically be at the hospital early on and capture moments throughout labor, during the actual birth, and then those first snuggles. Birth photography is really all about you being comfortable, so we will discuss all the details of what type of images you want or don’t want.

Will I know you are there? I don’t know how I feel about having a stranger in the room...

When I gave birth to my daughter I was really concerned with the noise level and the people there, so I totally get that. My approach and goal is for you to not know that I am there at all. You, your partner, any medical staff, doula, midwife etc. are the most important people, and I will never get in the way of the work they and you need to do. It is very important for you to be comfortable with me and for my presence to be quiet and calm. We will have at least two meetings prior to your birth to get to know each other and talk about the details of your desires for the photos.

I like the idea of capturing some of those moments but I don’t think I want you to actually be there during the birth can we do that?

YES! You and your partner being comfortable is really important and this is where the Fresh 48 package comes in. I will come sometime in the first 48 hours while you are still at the hospital or birthing center, or are in your home depending on where you are giving birth. This is a great way to get images of siblings meeting the new family member, or grandparents’ friends etc. I will plan to spend a couple hours hanging out with you and quietly capturing your story.


Complete Birth Story  $1500

 { Maternity session - Photos during labor, birth and immediately following birth - Newborn lifestyle shoot in your home, sometime in the first 2-4 weeks - Professionally designed album including 50 photos -  Digital images and print release}

Fresh 48 Birth Story  $1200

{ Maternity session - Photos at the hospital during babies first 48 hours - Newborn lifestyle shoot in your home sometime during the first 2-4 weeks - Professionally designed album including 50 photos  - Digital images and print release}

Build Your Own - A la Carte options -

Maternity Session $450 {Includes 1-2 hours spent with either just mama or mama and family, multiple outfit changes, and up to 2 locations. Digital images along with print release and a private online gallery} 

Birth Only $800 {Photos during labor, birth and immediately following birth. Private online gallery, digital images and print release}

Fresh 48 $600 {Includes 2-3 hours spent with you and your new baby at the hospital during the first 48 hours of life, digital images along with print release and private online gallery}

 Newborn Lifestyle $600 {2-3 hours spent with you and your new family in your home, digital images and print release, and private online gallery} 

Slideshow $100 {Images from your Birth, Fresh 48 or Newborn lifestyle shoot set to music} *Those willing to sign a model release to allow me to use selected images in promotional material will receive this at no charge*

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